I dream. Quite a lot. In the shower, walking the streets, lying in bed. You can dream anywhere! I think I have begun to realise though, that a lot of my dreams are unfulfilled. I have the dream, the spark, the thought, but I lack the discipline or commitment to see it through. I’m sure this puts me in some common category of people descriptions, but it worries me. It means I could well be an underachiever who never fulfills their potential (see, I can dream about anything).

So, I have decided that I am determined to change this. People can change. I need to research, investigate, decide on a course of action and pursue. I’ll need help along the way. I’ll need friends and family to be accountable to, and I’ll need God, a constant refuge and sanctuary.

I think, I hope, this blog is part of that process. It focuses on two things I’m passionate about, but still feel I know so little of. In my work I am constantly drawn to the urban design and planning side of things. The engineering bit just doesn’t do it for me. And I love photography. Both taking pictures and looking at others’ works. The combination of technical and artistic skill appeal to me. Combine the two and you get… Planning Picture!

At church the pastor is doing a series about having a framework for life, a pattern so to speak. And for this no need discipline. Discipline has become almost a dirty word these days, but I believe it is vital to achieving your dreams.