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Harbour Air Sea Plane - Instagram by timbarton
Harbour Air Sea Plane – Instagram a photo by timbarton on Flickr.

Based on the premise that the best camera is the one you have with you, here’s a photo I took with my iphone this lunchtime. Its the float plane terminal at Coal Harbour, in Vancouver. The app is called Instagram and it tries to replicate an old style instant camera. What do you think?


Here’s a photo I took last summer of a few grasses on a cliff in Oregon, overlooking the Pacific. A truly beautiful coastline.

Well, this is supposed to be a place to show off my photos as well as my thoughts on planning and urban design. So, with that being said, here is a recent photograph I took while on Quadra Island for a few days with some family. It was the cloud formations that especially struck me, which I exaggerated slightly using a nifty piece of software called Viveza 2 from Nik Software.

This photo was taken a few weeks ago before one of the ‘Celebration of Light’ fireworks nights, here in Vancouver. As you can see, the crowds get pretty extreme, even hours before the fireworks start. I often wander what tourists think who happen to be in town but don’t know about the fireworks. Do they just think, ‘wow this is busy’!

English Bay is, of course, an example of one of Vancouver’s well used public spaces. It’s a meeting place, a hang out place and is used for events through the (summer) months of the year.

Hello, and welcome to my new blog, Planning Picture. My name is Tim Barton. I am a Transportation Planner in Vancouver, British Columbia. Two of my passions are urban planning and photography. So Vancouver is a great place to be located! This blog is an attempt to combine the two. I have a suspicion that they might be a good combination, but you never know. If you agree, and especially if you disagree, with anything I’m saying, I’d love to hear from you and really encourage comments.

I already have a blog, a family and friends orientated thing, called   Feel free to check it out. It mainly serves to update friends and family back in the UK about what we’re up to here. I also have a very simple photography portfolio website at as well as a Flickr account here.

I dream. Quite a lot. In the shower, walking the streets, lying in bed. You can dream anywhere! I think I have begun to realise though, that a lot of my dreams are unfulfilled. I have the dream, the spark, the thought, but I lack the discipline or commitment to see it through. I’m sure this puts me in some common category of people descriptions, but it worries me. It means I could well be an underachiever who never fulfills their potential (see, I can dream about anything).

So, I have decided that I am determined to change this. People can change. I need to research, investigate, decide on a course of action and pursue. I’ll need help along the way. I’ll need friends and family to be accountable to, and I’ll need God, a constant refuge and sanctuary.

I think, I hope, this blog is part of that process. It focuses on two things I’m passionate about, but still feel I know so little of. In my work I am constantly drawn to the urban design and planning side of things. The engineering bit just doesn’t do it for me. And I love photography. Both taking pictures and looking at others’ works. The combination of technical and artistic skill appeal to me. Combine the two and you get… Planning Picture!

At church the pastor is doing a series about having a framework for life, a pattern so to speak. And for this no need discipline. Discipline has become almost a dirty word these days, but I believe it is vital to achieving your dreams.