Based on a recommendation by Gordon Price in his blog, my wife and I visited the Jennifer Kostuik Gallery last night to view a photography exhibit called Sacred and Secular. The artist is called David Burdeny and well, the press release says it best:

Sacred and Secular is an ongoing series of photographs that depict urban edge conditions and built environments throughout the world. In the course of Western architecture and urbanism there is a long history attached to the Ideal, Visionary and the Fantastic as notions to create built space. For his newest series Vancouver photography artist, David Burdeny, sees the scale, colour and density of the urban fabric always generating a unique vernacular. When removed from its context, the vernacular simply becomes kitsch such as the Bellagio in Vegas, or Mont St Michelle vs. Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Spanning across the globe, the locations of his new images are often distant in latitude, typology and syntax, commencing with the category defying works of 21st century “Starchitects” and including recent or ancient manifestations in Dubai, China, Egypt, Europe, Greenland, USA and Canada.

Burdeny’s cityscapes, taken from the water around each, opens your eyes to the different massing and built form from different cities around the world. We really enjoyed our visit. The gallery is in Yaletown and the exhibition runs until March 14th.