As a little relief from the Olympics I went for a bike ride round some of Vancouver’s neighbourhoods on Saturday morning. Sometimes, living in downtown, you forget there’s a quieter, gentler but just as attractive Vancouver only a few minutes away. (I only mean relatively quieter by the way. If anyone’s from a small town or village they’d think these places were bustling cities.) Anyway, here’s a few photos from my travels.

This first photograph is at Cypress and First Avenue. I love the little independent stores in this area and with the blossom fully out it really does feel like a fantastic area. plus, Fourth Ave is only a couple of blocks south, and the beach is a couple of blocks north. I don’t know if this neighborhood has its own name. Anyone know?

This is at Broadway and Arbutus. I really like the new development at Arbutus Walk, just a block or two south from here. It has a different feel to it than the areas around it, but it fits in well with the original uses on the site (as far as aesthetics and massing goes), it was originally a brewery. It may be too new to call it a neighbourhood though. What do you think? This dry cleaning and laundry store, Fletchers, on the corner of Arbutus and Broadway though, is a throw back to a bygone era. The curved glass on the left is very 50s, complete with revolving sign.

This final photograph depicts everyday life in Chinatown. Now this neighbourhood IS as busy as downtown. It has a very different feel though. When we travel through on the bus we half feel we’ve been transported to China – a little further than we had intended to go!