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Here’s something I’ve been asked to promote, and I’m happy to do so. Consultation is always a tricky thing to get right. Hopefully, using Facebook, the City can reach those who would not normally participate in this type of thing. Lets hope its a success.

Want a better commute? So do we.

Join Vancouver drivers, bicyclists, pedestrians and transit riders in a Facebook event where you will give advice to the City of Vancouver, learn and help shape the future of transportation in our city.

Starting May 31, residents and commuters will discuss key issues – like health, affordability, economy, and the environment – in small Facebook groups. Each group will work together to evaluate strategies and propose directions for the City’s Transportation Plan, followed by a chance to promote your ideas through Facebook sharing and commenting. The conversation is drawing from public input received during previous public consultations, such as the Greenest City planning process.

The main event is a two-week Facebook discussion (May 31-June 14) followed by public ideas sharing. Sign up closes May 31 so that the discussion groups can start as a team.

Results of the online discussion and other (online and offline) transportation conversations this spring will be integrated into a draft Transportation Plan by the City of Vancouver. For other opportunities to be involved, see

This Facebook event is a partnership of the City of Vancouver and Greenest City Conversations, a University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University research group.

Sign up by May 31 to help create the transportation future you want for Vancouver.

Vancouver Blossom 2 by timbarton
Vancouver Blossom 2 a photo by timbarton on Flickr.

Vancouver blossom. You can’t beat it.