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This photo was taken a few weeks ago before one of the ‘Celebration of Light’ fireworks nights, here in Vancouver. As you can see, the crowds get pretty extreme, even hours before the fireworks start. I often wander what tourists think who happen to be in town but don’t know about the fireworks. Do they just think, ‘wow this is busy’!

English Bay is, of course, an example of one of Vancouver’s well used public spaces. It’s a meeting place, a hang out place and is used for events through the (summer) months of the year.


If case you missed it, there is a debate going on in Canada at the moment concerning the government’s announcement that they wish to abolish the long standing mandatory census and replace it with a shorter, voluntary one. Urban planners and others rely on the census data to make important decisions about all sorts of issues. A voluntary census will cost Canada more in the longer term with poorer decision making. Brent Toderian, Director of City Planning at the City of Vancouver, makes his case here.