This is the question the Urban Land Institute started to grapple with yesterday here in Vancouver, as they launched a series of meetings and workshops designed to get people thinking, a) what does 2050 look like, and b) how are we going to make sure we get there.

There are some huge challenges if we are to reduce CO2 emissions by 80%. Mark Holland from HB Lanarc was especially good in his presentation in outlining the challenges we face to meet this goal. He speaks clearly but very intelligently and obviously has a gift in this area. Vancouver and other cities will requires leaders like him to keep pushing forward and keep an eye on the future.

These type of events always inspire. The danger is it is so easy to get back to your desk and loose sight of the bigger picture, focusing on doing what the client wants and winning work. The challenge, as Mr. Holland pointed out, is to push our clients and our projects, keeping site of the longer term, whilst at the same time staying profitable and delivering a solution our clients are happy with now.