Yesterday I was surprised by beauty in an unexpected location. I had to take the car to the North Shore Auto Mall to have some scratches removed that were on the paintwork when we bought it. The guy said it would take a couple of hours so sent me off in the direction of a coffee shop. A coffee shop in the middle of an industrial park. I didn’t have high exceptions. Just a coffee. What I found was Thomas Haas. Not just a coffee shop but a full on patisserie. And very, very busy. In the middle of an industrial park – did I mention that? Admittedly, most people waiting for their treats were clutching car keys, but everyone seemed to know each other and it felt like a little community. From a transport planning perspective, there were cars littered everywhere. But it didn’t matter much as everywhere else was closed and it kind of added to the charm. It just goes to show, never underestimate he ability of people to create something amazing in the most unexpected of locations.